Sunday, May 6, 2007

Disney Trip update

Disclaimer:  I am sure some who read my blog may not like the fact that I take only one of my children to Disney.  That is between DH and me.  Saying that, the next few entries will be about our girls only trip to the House of Mouse.   I am also sure not everyone approves of little girls getting dressed up as princesses and having their hair and makeup done, again that is between DH and me.  Please just remember that this is MY blog and MY opinions, if that does not sit well with you then please don't read it.  My life is not a gossip column.

Now on to the fun stuff!  Miss V had an appointment on Friday at the Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique.  Of course she didn't sleep in that day.  So off to Downtown Disney we go at 9:30 am.  My first thing was to see how BBB is run.  I have heard horror stories of Libby Lu or however it is spelled.  I do not want Miss V to look like one of those nasty Bratz Dolls.  Ok back to the subject of BBB…We got there and there were only a few girls getting "princessed".  So I chatted with the Fairy Godmother In Training about what goes on and she took us on a little tour and of course Miss V was in heaven.  I asked her if she would like to come back later and get her hair done.  Her answer "YOU BET!"  So we went and did some shopping, looking around and had lunch.  After lunch we met up with Michelle and family.  We hung out for a bit and then the kids went and splashed around.  They all were so cute!  I still need to resize pictures and add them to our site.

Time came to say our good byes and Miss V had to get her Cinderella dress on and head back to BBB.  We get there and they have her little pamphlet with Princess Victoria printed on the cover.  Fairy Godmother In Training showed Miss V the hairstyles and then gave her a little buzzer and explained that when it starts talking, she needs to come up to the counter.  We waited maybe two minutes when the buzzer started talking.  Miss V's eyes just lit right up!  We walked up to the counter and her Fairy Godmother In Training Ines was waiting for her.

She brought her to her chair and put on a pretty pink cape.  FGIT Ines went through all of the option with Miss V and marked down her choices.  From the moment Miss V sat in the chair to the minute she was done she didn't stop smiling.  FGIT Ines was so surprised that Miss V sat so still and didn't mind her hair being brushed.  I told her that she has been getting her haircut since she turned 1.  So she is very used to a salon setting.  FGIT Ines was telling me how so many little girls freak out since they aren't used to it and that it was a nice change for her..LOL

They do not let the little girls see the transformation while it is going on.  When the hair, nails and makeup are done they turn them around so they can see themselves in the mirror.  Miss V had the biggest smile plastered on her face.  She whispered to FGIT Ines that she looks like a real princess and she feels like one too.  Next came the pixie dust!  They had wands and a little pot of pixie dust and FGIT Ines made a huge deal about singing BBBoo and waving the wand all over Miss V.  Miss V ate up the whole experience!  The make up was very light and not at all tacky.  The nails, Miss V picked lavender polish and took the fake nails home.  They give all the girls the makeup palette to take home.  They also get a pretty pink satin sash with BBB on it.  Afterwards we made our way to have her portraits done.  They came out so cute!  The photopass photographers made such a big deal about her hair and dress.  She also got to put her info in to the visiting royalty book.  After that I bought the photopass CD.  What an awesome deal!!! It was 99 plus tax.  I spent more than that when I bought a couple pictures.

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