Sunday, May 6, 2007

Disney Trip update

Disclaimer:  I am sure some who read my blog may not like the fact that I take only one of my children to Disney.  That is between DH and me.  Saying that, the next few entries will be about our girls only trip to the House of Mouse.   I am also sure not everyone approves of little girls getting dressed up as princesses and having their hair and makeup done, again that is between DH and me.  Please just remember that this is MY blog and MY opinions, if that does not sit well with you then please don't read it.  My life is not a gossip column.

Now on to the fun stuff!  Miss V had an appointment on Friday at the Bibbiddi Bobbiddi Boutique.  Of course she didn't sleep in that day.  So off to Downtown Disney we go at 9:30 am.  My first thing was to see how BBB is run.  I have heard horror stories of Libby Lu or however it is spelled.  I do not want Miss V to look like one of those nasty Bratz Dolls.  Ok back to the subject of BBB…We got there and there were only a few girls getting "princessed".  So I chatted with the Fairy Godmother In Training about what goes on and she took us on a little tour and of course Miss V was in heaven.  I asked her if she would like to come back later and get her hair done.  Her answer "YOU BET!"  So we went and did some shopping, looking around and had lunch.  After lunch we met up with Michelle and family.  We hung out for a bit and then the kids went and splashed around.  They all were so cute!  I still need to resize pictures and add them to our site.

Time came to say our good byes and Miss V had to get her Cinderella dress on and head back to BBB.  We get there and they have her little pamphlet with Princess Victoria printed on the cover.  Fairy Godmother In Training showed Miss V the hairstyles and then gave her a little buzzer and explained that when it starts talking, she needs to come up to the counter.  We waited maybe two minutes when the buzzer started talking.  Miss V's eyes just lit right up!  We walked up to the counter and her Fairy Godmother In Training Ines was waiting for her.

She brought her to her chair and put on a pretty pink cape.  FGIT Ines went through all of the option with Miss V and marked down her choices.  From the moment Miss V sat in the chair to the minute she was done she didn't stop smiling.  FGIT Ines was so surprised that Miss V sat so still and didn't mind her hair being brushed.  I told her that she has been getting her haircut since she turned 1.  So she is very used to a salon setting.  FGIT Ines was telling me how so many little girls freak out since they aren't used to it and that it was a nice change for her..LOL

They do not let the little girls see the transformation while it is going on.  When the hair, nails and makeup are done they turn them around so they can see themselves in the mirror.  Miss V had the biggest smile plastered on her face.  She whispered to FGIT Ines that she looks like a real princess and she feels like one too.  Next came the pixie dust!  They had wands and a little pot of pixie dust and FGIT Ines made a huge deal about singing BBBoo and waving the wand all over Miss V.  Miss V ate up the whole experience!  The make up was very light and not at all tacky.  The nails, Miss V picked lavender polish and took the fake nails home.  They give all the girls the makeup palette to take home.  They also get a pretty pink satin sash with BBB on it.  Afterwards we made our way to have her portraits done.  They came out so cute!  The photopass photographers made such a big deal about her hair and dress.  She also got to put her info in to the visiting royalty book.  After that I bought the photopass CD.  What an awesome deal!!! It was 99 plus tax.  I spent more than that when I bought a couple pictures.

Friday, January 5, 2007

Yeah made our May dining ressies!

 Here is what my Victoria & I are doing in May

Sunday drive up and have dinner at Chef Mickey's, this is the first time we are trying CM

Monday Play and Dine at Hollywood and Vine (breakfast and our first time)

Monday Sci Fi for lunch (first time)

Tuesday Ohana Breakfast (first time)

Tuesday LTT Dinner (tried before and enjoyed it)

Wednesday Garden Grill Lunch (first time)

Thursday Crown Package at BBB  (Victoria's second trip)

Thursday Cinderella's Gala Feast (tried before and it was awesome)

Friday Rainforest Cafe at AK for breakfast (love Rainforest, hopefully Victoria won't freak out at the thunder like last time)

Saturday come home...

Now if I can just figure out where to stay.  We might have some really excellent news and then I won't have to worry...We might have a buyer for our home in MA which has been on the market for over 18 months.

Monday, May 8, 2006

Disney Dining

Disney Dining…

I have been many times to Disney World and each time I try to eat somewhere new and of course eat at my favorite places.  This update is about where we ate and didn't eat (need to use this info for my scrapbook too)

Monday we drove up and checked into the resort.  Miss V and I headed to M.GM.  We had an agenda!  Certain shows and rides.  I will blog that in another entry.  Anyway it was really hot and we didn't feel like eating lunch so we shared a frozen lemonade and it was definitely refreshing.  I had made dinner ressies a couple months ago for 50's Prime Time Cafe.  I LOVE that place!  I didn't think I would like hot  comfort food during the warm weather, but we still went.  Miss V ordered a funky drink (aka cherry sprite with a glow cube) and I got an unsweetened ice tea.  For dinner Miss V ordered a hot dog, grapes and goldfish crackers and I got the pot roast with mashed taters.  It was extremely yummy!  When we are on vacation any sort of healthy eating is left at home.  Miss V ate her dinner and asked for dessert.  She ordered a kids make your own sundae.  She had to dump EVERYTHING onto the vanilla ice cream.  When I say everything it comes with a little cup of chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, M&M's, sprinkles and cherries.  She ate about half of it and declared she was full.  I really wanted to order some smores, but the order is huge so I skipped it.  Here is a link to their adult dinner menu:

Tuesday Miss V had some cereal in the room and we went down to the food court for coffee, juice and fresh fruit.  Then off to EPCOT we went.  We had the standard counter service lunch.  We went to the Electric Umbrella and we split a burger and fries.  It was really to warm to chow down.  After lunch I could tell Miss V was tired so we headed back to the resort for a little nap and pool time.  She wanted to have dinner there so off to the food court we go.  Miss V was a little bummed that her favorite chef wasn't there.  Yes she has a favorite chef, he is in the middle section and he always gives her beads or doubloons.  She wanted some chicken nuggets and I got a steak and cheese sandwich.  It wasn't to bad, but wasn't great either.  We filled our refillable mugs and headed to the playground.

Wednesday was a day of gluttony!  Breakfast was at Crystal Palace.  OMG I am not a buffet person, but that place is awesome.  Of course we had another GRAND ADVENTURE getting to the park before it opens.  That will be another blog entry later.  Miss V filled up on fresh fruit and a Pooh waffle. I on the other hand pigged out.  I got some fruit, a TON of bacon, a couple of pancakes and a nice big piece of the breakfast lasagna.  The lasagna…OH I have no idea what is in it but it is really good if you get a piece close to the edge so it is a little crispy and not mushy.  The character interaction was not as good as it was in December.  They were a little slow to come around then signed the book and took a picture and were out of there.  Well except Tigger.  Who ever was playing him was a total nut!  I have a pic and it looks like he is trying to eat Miss V although he was just giving her a kiss.  Again it was hot so we skipped lunch.  I can't believe we didn't have our usual hot dogs at Casey's!  I never miss a chance for them.   By dinner time we were starving!  So off to Liberty Tree Tavern we go.  That was the first time we ate there.  Very noisy but cool!  I think the noisier you are the more character interaction that you get.  Well just being the two of us it was kind of quiet.  Miss V kept asking if they were going to come to our table.  They kept going around us.  Our very nice waitress came up and asked why Miss V looked sad and she said "I don't think Goofy, Minnie, Chip and Dale like me.  They don't come to my table."  The waitress looked really sad and off she went to talk to the character handler.  Oh boy right after that the characters came by twice!  Now onto the food….WOW there was A LOT!  It is an all you can eat of the following:  salad, green beans with garlic, mashed taters, flank steak, roast turkey, ham.  The salad dressing was awesome!!!  Here is a link to the menu:

Thursday Miss V had cereal in the room again and then headed down to the food court for coffee, juice, yogurt and fruit.  Afterwards we headed to the land of Stanley!  For lunch we went to Pizzafari.  We split a pepperoni pizza, breadsticks a side Caesar salad and a sprite. There is the menu.  The pizza isn't to bad it is like those boboli pizzas.  Again it was a hot day so we headed back to the resort for a nap and a boat trip.  We took the boat down to Riverside.  We went and filled up our mugs and sat around the food court.  Nice and quiet.  We jumped back on the boat and had dinner at our food court.  Standard food court dinner.  Miss V had Mac and Cheese and I got chicken strips.  They are actually pretty good!  It is real chicken!  We also shared a fruit bowl.  Miss V said she "needed" dessert so over to the bakery we go.  She picked a sugar cookie with Mickey sprinkles and I got an oatmeal raisin cookie.  Of course we ended up sharing each others.  Miss V's favorite chef was there and gave her another doubloon and did some magic tricks for her.  He is a really nice guy.  At the resort every night at 5:30 they do Jr. Chef and get to wear a chef coat and decorate a cookie.  Miss V was to shy to do that.  I could see she wanted to, but wouldn't.  That is ok, we have many more chances on future trips.

Friday again was cereal in the room then down to the food court.  Lunch we were at Downtown Disney and she spotted the golden arches.  Every once in a while it tastes good.

Now onto the highlight of the trip!  PICTURES OF THIS MEAL

1900 Park Faire!  Here is a link to the menu:

OMG we are going to HAVE to do that again!  What a meal!!!  The character interaction was beyond incredible!  The restaurant was half empty which surprised me.  Maybe it was because we had an early ressie?  Anyway Miss V and I made our way up to the kids buffet and on our way back Cinderella was coming out of side room and we were the first she greeted.  We sat down and she talked with Miss V about her beautiful hair and her shimmery gown and LOVED her sparkly sandals.  We took some pics and she was of to greet other diners.  Next came Suzy and Perla they were so cute.  The got Miss V out of her booster seat and twirled her around and danced with her.  They also made a big deal out of her dress and hair.  They kept hugging her and blowing kisses.  Time for dessert, Miss V chose vanilla ice cream with gummy bears and I had a key lime tart…both were incredibly yummy!  All of a sudden Miss V looks up and sees Prince Charming across the room and got all giddy!  OMG if you could have seen her, she was doing a little "golf" clap bouncing in her seat.  When he made his way over he made a big deal out of her dress and hair.  She thanked him and they took some pictures.  She thanked him and he helped her up into her booster chair.  Then he was off to greet other little princesses.  Miss looked liked she was about to cry and I asked her what was wrong.  She said she forgot to ask Prince Charming to sign her book.  I told her that it was ok and I would ask someone to see if he could come back.  She sat eating her ice cream and I walked over (15 feet) and asked the character handler if she could get the prince to come and sign her book since she forgot to ask him.  She said no problem.  A couple minutes later Miss V is almost done her ice cream when she got a little tap on her shoulder and it was the prince again.  OMG you would have thought she was over the moon.  This was the funniest conversation I have heard;

PC:  Oh dear princess, I forgot to sign your book (he does a little bow)
V:  That's ok you are a very busy prince and thank you for coming back.
PC:  I am but never to busy to make a little princess happy (he bends over and signs her book).  You have wonderful manners.
V  Thank you Prince Charming!
PC:  Well aren't you a gracious little princess, that is a great quality!
V:  (now blushing and batting her eye lashes and doing that coy little face)
PC:  Well I hope you have a magical night!
V:  And you too!

After we were done the Fairy Godmother was in the lobby and she was so sweet.  She took a few minutes with each child and made them feel so special.

I have to say that was the BEST meal I could have chosen for Miss V.  If you have a little girl, you MUST try it!!!  Oh I also forgot to say that before this meal she did the BBBoutique.